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raoul chanet - Biography

Raoul Chanet  Painter. 
Born in the Limburg Schulen.
Studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. His early years during the turbulent years, was characterized by a constant search for a different style.
Are extremely solid and creative were led by an insurmountable urge for perfection and his remark mind remains alert to the beauty around him. This visual beauty justify, his whole aim to determine.
Chanet to know and to sense his work do you do with him on tour many beautiful things and experiences. A rich reference for him the nature and literature. Reading is for him a programmed activity of translations of Chinese, Japanese and Fantastic writers. About Tolkien says he, years before there was the movie, "Tolkien is the most wonderful writer, especially his" The Lord of the Rings' inspires me. He describes everything so very pictorial and an unprecedented imagination with the magic radiates ".
The magical realism Raoul Chanet is a story that actually starts and takes place on the border between reality and myth. It is a reality that is happening in an outer world, a reality that refers to a different world, a dream world which is also real, especially for those who created him and the spectator who wants to enter. Reality and dreams are merged into colorful shapes, into a world full of expectation.
As a painter Raoul is someone who avoids contact rather than that he seeks communion. He has always worked, day after day, year after year, now 50 years long, with the feeling that tomorrow is more important than today, alone, lonely. Not only to himself, he questions. He remained a loner in his art: a vision, a style, a single figure that flight in his work.
He handled the brutal reality to a new reality, a realism that another, a new, much better world creates. A world that is full of abstraction peace, surrounded by a multitude of aesthetic elements.
An almost constant presence is the female figure, naked or richly draped, aloof and still be connected with a look that you will follow where you look at the painting.
These works are full of life that you can continually discover. Raoul does not paint a dream, but its reality.
Painting for him was playing, from his first crayons as a child to his adult artist, colors as serious games, to suggest colors to feelings, colors in order to lift the r
reality to dream .

These colours are embedded in a neat solid composition, Baroque or sober reasoned the assembly ,every detail perfectly with the next puzzle, the whole is balanced nicely put together  .
Something you can only if you are tall and holding your innate sense of form into form teaches mastery and compositional skill.
The artist creates from an artistic talent, but he is also professional. Because Chanet craftsman, he manages to paint canvases that despite the multitude of objects, the greater variety and sometimes contradictory, things in such a context that they form a whole.
A world of illusion!