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Yvonne de Jong MAJONG - Biography

MAJONG  (Yvonne de Jong )

has years dealt with drawing portraits on commission. 

They only drew with pencils or charcoal on regular paper. 

In two years in Saudi - Arabia, she has a lot of experience 

and especially the Arab expressive child has bad caps inspired her greatly. 


IN 2001 she settled back in Amsterdam as (self-taught) artist. 

For several years she paints modern impressions in oil on canvas, 

often of considerable size. 


AUDIENCE: Mainly tasks of modern people, who increasingly 

their own home, school or work space to complete with matching 

affordable, "real" paintings in their own style, design, size and 


Especial:  oil paintings with torso's to match

               your favorite shoes 


Majong Modern Art  - Amsterdam