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Aída  avelar Ramirez // Meyapinto - Biography

MEYAPINTO. Autobiographical short review. 

My name is Carmen Aída Avelar. I was born in El Salvador, in a small town called Izalco in the Department. Sonsonate. 
Since childhood I had great concerns about art, my primary school was always looking to make contact with adults who were devoted to various branches of art, pianists, artists, painters, poets, writers, etc. 
He was the third of five children and for being the \"middle\" the most wanted to be different from other brothers. My parents were from humble cots, both had little academic preparation, basic: which meant that their children give us establish limitations on artistic skills from an academic level. Without enbargo never abandoned the dream of dedicated to art. 
Through the newspaper broke the news to me about the art world nationally and Inernacional. The Great Wall \"Diego Rivera\" and facinaantes The distorted shape of \"Dali\" The giants of classical art, ECTC. But what always fascinates me was creating my own world, full of fantasies, retouched with colors and shades that made me take shelter and protect me from my reality. A really difficult to discern due to different socio-cultural and political environment to quel my entoces.

About my work: 

After making my college, I moved to Belgium to develop as a journalist and with the ambition of comvertirme a writer and poet. I love to paint but also frustrated me because my Blindness meant a huge impediment, but when I decided to take a brush in my hands and tried to put my initial thoughts, I realized that art takes pordentro and the colors are magic instrument where ideas and feelings can be transmitted. Also found that colors can smell, feel and even taste! 
I found that pain can only be represented with dark and gray pain but also with colorful shades. Sadness has multiple sources, so the colors that can be represented must have a nexus or connection with a certain color and shape. 
At this time starting my career and my passion in the world of painting. My artistic style as self-described as \"modern Latin\" because, my works represent the naividad from their ways and their perspective as \"dri-dimensional\", but at the same time you can see the movement in the ejecusión colors. It is represented by contemporary art that gives cabide the use of new materials that will use safety today in modern art. My works are imaginary stories that were born of a vivid personal experiences. 
Today I took the challenge of combining painting with writing free verse is not just trying to express my feelings with fans if not too bright colors, translate them with lines. The painting does not need to be translated into words, but for some of my work I have the NEEDS to accompany a few lines written, taking the form of free verse that will give some sublime texture that goes beyond the visual.
Meyapinto Why? 

Most people who devote themselves to art, people who are seeking their own identity and particular. In my case is the same; From quice girl from the crowd, ma always liked having my own projection and profile as in my mirror I Persiva fantastic. Meyapinto is the woman who wants to discover herself, her vanity is retried emerging in search of authenticity from himself. The pseudonyms or stage names are a kind of letter to the outside world, which in a shelter subtil artists in anonymity, but that in turn comvierte in invulnerable to the critical eye of the viewer or audience. 

Personally my nickname is my rebirth and acceptance of my new self, which we are nothing more nor less than the creation of a new character in search of his own stage. Meyapinto is my totem, my reincarnation, my tangible way to be myself. Meyapinto is the evocation of my raícez mestizo, my admiration and reverence to my mother and my maternal grandfather. The question of my identity from my migration to Europe, leaving behind my umblical cord that connected me to my ancestors, confronting me is immersed in a fusion of cultures and feeling so far from mine own. 

\"Meyapinto brabura represents the character, the decision, the challenge, fear, Simplesmente and pure dedication I love most: create my world and integrate the world in him.\"