Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands
Yu  DeBoer - Biography
Growing up in the countryside during the Chinese Cultural Revolution with my grandparents, I lived with few material possessions very close to nature.  Finding my way to America thru Japan has been a life-changing journey.  I saw China change and evolve for 27 years, then 3 years in Japan right at the height of its success, and finally I have spent the past 15 year in America. Putting all three cultures together is who I am today. I always push myself to experience as many new things as possible in my life.  My goal is to bring rainbows into human life thru art.  I have a passion to express and share.  The subjects for my art can be anything that strikes me at moment.  Realistic painting is limiting for me.  Through abstraction, I am able to add to the composition and be free to express my interpretation of the internal energy of the subject and its sense of being.  I always want to “go for more” in life to find truth, beauty and positive energy.  If I  can transfer emotion to the canvas thru my work, then I have been successful. There is an energy flow to everything on this earth.  I desire to capture that positive force and to add my own creative touch to it.  Sharing how I see things thru my own eyes brings satisfaction. The goal is to bring even more positive energy for human society and each individual in it. I have been fortunate in my life to be loved, stable and comfortable, which allows me to freely explore art,  love life and to help other people.