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suzan bushnaq - Biography

Biography: Susan Mohammed Bushnaq - Born in Kuwait in 1963 with a bachelor\'s degree and an MBA from Russia in 82-1989 -
Eight degrees from New Horizons in the computer - Head of Department of Art Education -
Language Diploma Russia - the establishment of courses in photography Boushahri for one year - j design book covers

----- Three technical workshops at the Festival Hall in the summer sweeter fan Dosari 2005

Memberships: Member of the Kuwaiti Society for Fine Arts - Member of the International Association of Artists - Paris - Member of the Association of Crafts - Asia - Member of sports club girl _ a founding member of the Group of Latouche

Special exhibitions: Exhibition Hall under the auspices of Boushahri National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters 2003,2001,1999
Color Gallery, 2005.
Personal exhibition at the Art Gallery under the auspices of the National Council for Culture and Arts and Arts
Personal Exhibition 2008 at Art Gallery 2006
Group Exhibition Latouche, 2009
Foreign Exhibitions: several posts, including the international exhibition of children in Russia 1988 - Exhibition prisoner in London, a festival in Alexandria Creativity Centre
The cultural week in Sudan - Biennale Bangladesh - Opera Hall in Egypt -
Gallery Arabian Oil Company (Khafji) Heritage Fine Arts Gallery - the United Nations body in America, Kuwaiti Artists Exhibition in Jordan ..
Kuwaiti cultural week in Algeria - the first Gulf Cultural Festival in Sharjah .. cultural week in Syria

Awards: Received many of the certificates and the award Issa Sakr creative gallery spouse \\ 2010 \\ XII and XIV 2008
Arbitration Award Biennial Kharafi