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amirhossein amirjalali - Biography

Amir Hossein Amirjalali began painting in the center of academic visual arts in 1985 and he has been learning it from Rahim Naveh Si since 1988 for 5 years. In that period he felt a serious need of learning painting and coloring skills for himself, after passing years he had began his professional and academically searches in different branches especially philosophy and shaped his primary realistic fists with more sophistication and unconsciously he found himself in some master schools of Marx Ernest – Sal,vador Dali – Yves Tanguy – Rene Magritte Then he was in a strange atmosphere and straggling with a specific Surrealism that profited from specific abstract. ( In far future I filed a vast fear I looked around there was nothing just time alone with my time ) Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche looked to the best horizons of unconscious mind and he was due to Ouber Manch and the fundamentals of his thoughts that it was translated to (GREAT Man) AmirJalali works on the human's temporary position and talks about his ideals. He has got the far past in his mind but tries for the future men. He uses Music a lot in his tasks especially electronic music at Berlin school which we can call Klaus Schulze one of the most famous musician of that school.