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Els Hendrikx - Biography

My name is Els Hendrikx and was born on January 2, 1966 in St. Willebrord.Els


In my 6th year I got a homemade ass of my father and mother with watercolor and brushes. Already in kindergarten, I was fascinated by painting. Later in the barber school my teacher gave me only a 9 or 10 for my drawings. He found that I had to go to the academy.

Since I wanted to make my studies and for bodybuilding competitions trained (Dutch Champion 2nd international), I hit his advice in the wind.


After obtaining my diploma hairdresser, hair stylist, makeup artist and esthetician I have fully paid my sport until my child wish fulfillment came. With two beautiful sons, I had my hands full. When they went to school, I started drawing and painting again. By Evelien van Beuningen, I came into contact with a famous Belgian painter, who painted for the royal family in Belgium.


He has taught me how to paint with oils. In 2001 I started to teach children and adults.


In 2010, there are some important changes coming into my life that my passion for painting again seriously to gewakkerd have.


My works are nearly all oil on canvas in the style of the old masters. I'm self taught in my artwork and my styles and themes very diverse. I wish you lots of fun looking at my online gallery. 


Enjoy X