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Ans Duin - Biography


 Ans her works are usually in bright fresh colors and expressionist often in bright colors , depending on the mood of the artist . The landscape and floral paintings in the last year to develop larger and more colorful with exuberant clouds.

A work of art by Ans Duin does not come out of nowhere . Often, a violent event , either emotionally or cheerful preceded and this puts her to paint and express her feelings on the canvas . If the viewer takes the time to look , he or she sees the hidden meaning in the landscape and the positive idea behind which always goes Ans . Art is also releasing , accepting life in all its forms , sadness , grief , joy , birth, old age . The painting is as important as the final result at least Ans ; as she paints her looking urge to create a way out and it processes the impressions .

Ans Duin was born in Krommenie in 1944 and moved to Amsterdam in early childhood. Her working life has always consisted of creativity as a fashion designer , organization of major fashion shows on cruise ships and scholarships . In 1981 she started her modeling / casting agency , which became one of the most renowned office of Netherlands . Ans has also been a guest several times in TV programs to talk about her working as a casting director This office has Ans sold in 2002 and she started to paint and works as a professional artist.