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Arkadi Aleko Lomadze - Biography

For nearly 10 years as Arkadi Aleko Lomadze paints with draws milled stones, during this time he has participated in many exhibitions. His works are in private collections and public institutions in Georgia and abroad.  Aleko has the blessing of the Patriarch and several of his works are kept in the Patriarchat of Georgia.
The materials which he is using for his paintings are made from stone. Stones collected from all over Georgia, and assistance is provided with close friends. Also artist use marble, which has special radiance and it is used in some paintings.

Last year he completed work on a large portrait of Ekvtime Takaishvili sacred with his 150th anniversary. Picture is stored in the Museum of History in Guryia region. This year he created portrait of great Georgian statesman, publicist writer and translator- Dimitri Kipiani.