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Stan Litz - Biography
I formed a snow removal company with two friends , Harvey and Allen , when I was seven . Sidewalk cost a dime, front porch and steps were a dime , driveway was a quarter . People would give us a dollar or more. We used the money to go to the Movie Matinees on Saturday afternoon , Tarzan and Cowboy movies, it cost 25cents. , sometimes a dime. Candy bars were a 5cents. Popcorn cost a dime. We did this without our parents. In school the teachers told us that the world was dangerous. We used to practice crawling under our desks in the event that the Russians dropped an atomic bomb on our school. After the snow shoveling business I went to College and Law School. I have been a lawyer for 40 years. Along the way I have been an artist, a musician, a gardener, owned a coffee shop, art gallery , a junk store . I played sports in High School and College. These days the world is dangerous . There are wars, hurricanes, Monsoons, tsunamis, earthquakes,and pollution. The movies are terrible and the popcorn is $5 and cokes are $4 and $6 . I am too old and big to crawl under my desk so I paint pictures in my spare time. I shovel my own snow and watch American football with my friends on Sunday . Life is Good. I have been lucky.