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Gerda  Hento - Biography

I gladly like to introduce myself: my name is Gerda Hento, born in 1948, currently living in Meppel and happily married with Robert Tas. If you ask any painter, they all will tell you that they used to draw all kind of pictures long before they started the ‘real art’. For me it was no different: I’m a self-taught painter who learned the art by observing, trial and error and also by intensive studying. In the early days, everyone needed to earn a living, that is why my parents did not allow me to study arts. In the 60s, my parents choose for the safety of a regular job with the regular income.

In 1982 I lived a busy life but in order to do the things I really loved, I started my first art school. I studied the work of others and passed my knowledge and skills on to children and adults during the courses that I held at my own studio. We usually painted on canvas with oil paints or made watercolor paintings. Over the years, these courses developed into a professional school with multiple teachers. Part of having a school involved organizing expositions for my students and myself, locally and abroad. In the 90s, I studied “Psychosociale Therapie” (Psychosocial Therapy) and “Kunstzinnige Counseling” (Creative Counseling). I practiced what I learned in my own studio and helped others to cope with their problems during and by means of drawing and painting sessions. In 2002 I picked up my original profession: teaching children with emotional and behavioral disorders. Due to the distance to my work, we chose to move and I stopped giving art courses.


At the moment, I’m painting on my own in our modest studio-at-home. My work focuses mainly on painting acrylic on canvas and wood. You can buy my art online or at expositions.