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David Hollander - Biography

Born - Christchurch, New Zealand 1944
Education -
Nelson Boys College
Cashmere High School
Previous Occupations - Flying Instructor, manager

Deciding to "retire" in 1989, I purchased a small watercolour set and began teaching myself to paint. It was obvious that having read everything I could find on the subject that there were as many techniques as there were books about it. There was a lot to learn but after reading the book, "The Art of Robert Bateman" I knew how I wanted my paintings to develop.

I now paint almost exclusively in oil and copy old masters (you soon find out why they were called masters) for practice. It is well known throughout history that one generation has drawn both inspiration and knowledge from those who went before. Raphael copied Michelangelo, who derived inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci, and Rubens bless his heart copied all of them. It does not matter whether your inspiration is drawn from out of your head, a photograph, another painting, or from life, the creative process that causes it all has been felt before.

The important thing is that you do it to the best of your ability, learn while doing it, and take pride in putting your own stamp on it. I am indebted to the following artists for showing me the way, which has resulted in my work being sold throughout the world. What better company could one wish for late at night in your studio?

  • Sir Joshua Reynolds
  • Robert Bateman
  • Frans Hals
  • Thomas Gainsborough
  • Guy Coheleach
  • Willem Kalf
  • Allan Ramsay
  • John Seery - Lester



  • David Shepherd

       And last but not least


  • Ray Harris - Ching
  • Rembrandt Van Rijn

On my purchasing page you will see me in a fetching blue number with the head too big for the body. This is to remind me that no matter how good I get, despite all the advantages that the modern artist enjoys, Gainsborough was a better painter!

Take care,