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Denton Lund - Biography

Denton, a native of New Jersey, possessed a natural artistic aptitude from early childhood and was encouraged to develop abilities in painting and drawing. After serving a tour of duty with the Navy, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in New York City, then received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. After spending the greater portion of his life working in the New York area for major corporations as a commercial illustrator and design artist, Denton moved to New Mexico and began to fulfill his dream of working as a serious painter of Western, Native American, and wildlife themes. More recently, he has moved into the area of visionary art. Deftly combining elements of impressionism with highly realistic portraiture, his art has gained a wide audience and the respect of both critics and peers. Denton currently resides in northeast Wyoming near the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Denton Lund wanted a painting surface in which the procedure itself would be incorporated as part of the composition. He aspired to do more than merely brush paint on top of traditional cotton canvas. He dreamed of being able to work from beneath the surface. After years of study and experimentation with oils, acrylics, and dyes, he has developed a layering and bonding technique to work from within the surface of a painting in order to create greater depth and color. His oil paintings sparkle with a slightly watercolor appearance, fusing together gleaming appliqués of color from the background with the more heavily painted outer surface areas. Denton is one of the few American artists using this technique today.

While most of his paintings depict Native American, Western, wildlife, and visionary themes, he is remarkably versatile in the way they are expressed on canvas and he has developed a style that is uniquely his own. The following describe the fine art oil paintings of Denton Lund