Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands
Gene Greorgy - Biography

Gene Gregory is a self-taught oil painter and a traditionalist. As a life long Texan,  his fondness
for drawing developed in early childhood, and has painted since his teen years. Gene enjoys
participating in many art shows and workshops.
The Texas landscape, reflected in many of his early paintings, is a favorite scene. From the
bluebonnets of the southern hill country to the rustic barns of the northeast farmland; from the
horses, windmills and rolling hills which are  representative of west Texas to the piney woods of
the east is translated with great emotion onto canvas. The differences in each region of the state,
and the diversity of its great people are successfully depicted as they exist in reality. The small
churches scattered throughout Texas are a few of his favorite subjects, and are welcome reminders
of his heritage.
 In recent years, he has primarily painted still-life,  and enjoys using bright vibrant colors. The still-
life paintings have re-energized his efforts,  and are a welcomed addition to his expressive talents.
 In Gene's words, "Once while touring the country of Italy I had the pleasure of seeing some of
the works of a few of the great masters such as Leonardo De Vinci and Michelangelo. It made me
feel insignificant. However,  I realized that even if I should not be one of the Masters of the past,
we all have our own talents and should never be inhibited to the extent of hindering our desire to
use all the creativity we have within us. And I believe painting is a continuous learning process as
we practice our skills."
 Each of Gene's works contain a small heart, (sometimes hidden). Viewers often ask him why he
has them in the paintings. He explains, "The heart represents love, and it is the love of God, family,
country, and not least, the love of art."