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John Noy - Biography

John Noy

 Born and raised in Utrecht, works and lives in the heart of Utrecht.
He studied in the seventies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Amsterdam pulled his mo A deed drawing and painting at the Academy of Arts in Lutmastraat images.
Since 1983 he has taught evening classes at the Graphic Lyceum in Utrecht.

Since his time painting and drawing academy Noy in two styles: figurative and abstract. His figurative style developed in the most drawn and painted portraits and model studies. The work was often an abstract still life. That was abstracted still life, repeated and distorted until an exciting lines and a highly developed compositional whole.

These compositions were initially withheld from more colors, color later, a major role in the work of Noy. His later oil paintings are considered a unit of visual excitement, color intensity, design and abstraction.

In the nineties created a fusion of two styles. Increasingly there are elements in the abstract figurative paintings. The woman, often the subject of many pilot studies, takes an important place. Noy start still abstract but now using the abstract as the basis for the model.
In this way he tries abstraction or alienation from the natural one more chance. Therefore, he also works without a model, this could encourage greater personal style. You can therefore say that the work of Noy and its own special signature for.

Influences appear. In his own words: "I think Cubism both abstract and figurative in the tempting, but impressionism and expressionism very appealing to me. I\'m not a painter who I follow as an example, of course, who does not look at Picasso, Rembrandt, Apple and say their names. As a painter I find my own way. I use rare examples during the painting but let me lead the moment.