Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands
Jose Spijkers - Biography

        My name is José, but my work I                          signed“Perry”,  


because this is a nick-name my daughter gave to me,

and it was she, who encouraged

me to start painting five years ago. Since then I have

sold a lot of work, first to family and friends, later

to other people and companies, who found my

work on the internet. I have also participated in

exhibitions in the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.


Most of the time I paint objects that are simply

beautiful to look at, like flowers, animals and people,

using a lot of colours, but I also make paintings of items

or people with specific orders of the buyers, using the

colours and materials they want.


I like to experiment with the use of every-day

materials in paintings. Sometimes I mix sand,

chalk, or even salt or flower threw the paint.

Other times I paint something first, and glue materials

on the painting later like seeds, cloth or metal objects.

Lately I often “sculpt” a painting in modelling

paste, before painting over it. Of course, if you wish,

I also make paintings, using nothing else but paint!


 José alias PerrY