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Carla van Beekveld van Hoof  - Biography

Carla van Beekveld van hoof , born on  July 14, 1953 the  in  village of Gemert  in the Netherlands as the second daughter in the family of" Hoof- on the Hill". Here she and her six siblings grew up. At that time offered the birthplace of this country's freedom and contact with nature, which she especially until puberty, a lot of time spent. There were animals (rabbits, dogs, cats, cows, calves and a horse) and plenty of natural (meadows - trees - water - forest etc). She went in Gemert and surrounding areas to school. After graduating from Havo she Schoevers executive secretary of the training is completed and if they (executive / secretary) to work. Carla is married and the late seventies and her husband came to live in Dongen. They have two grown children (son and daughter). When her youngest daughter was 6 years Carla was again part-time work.
When Carla was 15 years old she started to make wall hangings, macrame (weaving ropes and knots) and crocheted in round circles. During the drawing lessons at school she was really not interested and her drawings were very mediocre. In the eighties she took some creative courses in the evening, but she was mostly spent with family, study and work.
Carla late eighties during the winter holidays and start drawing more .. Using photos, newspaper clippings and memories made them little watercolors. In particular, the French town of Dole in the style of Anton Pieck, led her to draw back together again. It gave her great satisfaction, after a hard day (home or office) to find peace in the painting. Her work was small (A4) and detailed (color pencil / pen).
Turnaround in her life.
In December 1993 there was a change in her life.:>>>,
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