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John  Pitre - Biography

Born in 1942 and educated in the fine arts at the prestigious Art Students League in New York City, John Pitre evolved to become a master of fantasy and surrealism. Pitre has been a significant influence in the art world for over thirty years, and carries the distinction of being one of the most widely published artists in modern history.

As a storyteller, Pitre uses his paintbrush to comment on the most profound questions concerning man, and to create a reflection of our times and the world in which we live.

Based on his meticulous study of human anatomy in the arts, Pitre has designed some of the world\\\\\\\'s most advanced fitness equipment, that can be seen today in many of the world\\\\\\\'s finest gyms. His credits in this field include the Questar line of fitness equipment and the ROM (Range of Motion) machine, which was awarded the \\\\\\\"Best of What\\\\\\\'s New\\\\\\\" designation in 1993 by Popular Science Magazine; and the Time Works device that led to one of TV\\\\\\\'s most successful infomercials. He also developed and patented a new proprietary formulation for artist\\\\\\\'s paint based on space age polymers, that is now sold worldwide. (Genesis Paint)

Pitre\\\\\\\'s work is transcendental in nature and many people derive their own profound yet private meaning from his paintings. When describing Pitre\\\\\\\'s work, most people speak not of its appearance, amazing as it is, but rather of their own personal moment of epiphany inspired by the paintings of this master.