Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands
suzan bushnaq - Exhibitions

Special exhibitions: Exhibition Hall under the auspices of Boushahri National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters 2003,2001,1999

Color Gallery, 2005.

Personal exhibition at the Art Gallery under the auspices of the National Council for Culture and Arts and Arts

Personal Exhibition 2008 at Art Gallery 2006

Group Exhibition Latouche, 2009

Foreign Exhibitions: several posts, including the international exhibition of children in Russia 1988 - Exhibition prisoner in London, a festival in Alexandria Creativity Centre

The cultural week in Sudan - Biennale Bangladesh - Opera Hall in Egypt -

Gallery Arabian Oil Company (Khafji) Heritage Fine Arts Gallery - the United Nations body in America, Kuwaiti Artists Exhibition in Jordan ..

Kuwaiti cultural week in Algeria - the first Gulf Cultural Festival in Sharjah .. cultural week in Syria al rabee exhibition 2011

Exhibitions within the State of Kuwait

xhibitions within the State of Kuwait:

Heritage Gallery in 1988 and 1989 at the Fairgrounds

Gallery of the Kuwaiti Society for Fine Arts twenty-second 1989 in Hall aggressive

Gallery in the hall to meet aggressive 1995

Exhibition hall, the fifth prisoner of the Kuwaiti Society in March 1996

The editor VI hall, the Kuwaiti Society 1997

Eighth in the editor of the Kuwaiti Society 1999

Art Exhibition Charity for the benefit of Kosovo Albanians in 1999

Gallery women's freedom of artistic expression under the auspices of the United Nations 1999

The art exhibition, ceramic artists in February 2000 Hala February

Giving the National Gallery in the courtyard of Science in February 2000

Gallery February 25 XV 2000

Gallery twenty-ninth year and editorial IX April 2000

Gallery spouse ninth art exhibition Kuwait in January 2001

Gallery XVI February 25 2001

Gallery February 25, 2002

The editor 2002

Gallery February 25, 2003

The editor 2003

Show Qurain 2003

Gallery artistic cultural festival in love with Kuwait meet 2003

Workshop on the International Day for the Disabled 2004

Fair Oil Company, Kuwait 2004

Gallery spouse X 2004

The editor 2004

Gallery Hala February 2004

EXHIBITION Cooperation Council 2004

Biennale-Kharafi, 2004

Qurain Festival 2004 December

International Exhibition for Human Rights resolution 2006

Gallery National Day and Liberation Gala 2005

Show Colors in the Art Gallery under the auspices of the Secretary-General

Qurain Festival 2005

Exhibition of small businesses in the Kuwaiti Society for Fine Arts 2006

Cultural Festival in the First Gulf Sharjah 2007

2007 exhibition in Algeria this week Ivaki Kuwait

Gallery spouse XIV 2007

Artists Kuwaiti Jordan 2007

Gallery 2008 Spring

Youth Exhibition 2008

Gallery 2009 Spring

Youth Exhibition 2009

Exhibition in Ramadan 2009

Gallery charity for cancer patients 2010

Show Qurain 2010

Seoul kuria 2010 for peace