Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands


Winner 2011 - Gold Award
Name: yvonne  de Jong ( MAJONG
From: Netherlands
Specialism: Painting

Majong,Yvonne laat haar werk aansluiten bij het interieur. Zo ontstaan olieverf schilderijen die deel gaan 

uitmaken van de ruimte waarin ze hangen. Majong is autodidact en wordt niet 

gehinderd door enige schroom wat betreft stijl en techniek, maar maakt wat ze mooi vindt.

specialiteit: schilderijen met bijpassende rondom beschilderde torso's

                  en het schilderen van Portretten met verbluffende gelijkenis en van je favoriete schoenen. Werkt in opdracht

Winning Image
Winner 2011 - Silver Award
Name: zahra(leila)  chouban,
From: Iran
Specialism: Painting

I am an Iranian painter and started painting since 1996.i have recived Graphic degree from Shariati school and also graduated from Alzahra University in painting.
My works usually inspired by Iranian myths in a narrative form and are combination of Iranian ancient fabels and modern art.
I'm trying to revive forgotten myths of my homeland such as epic poetory and legendry history of Iran by Ferdowsi(Shahnameh),Leyli and
Majnoon and Khosrow and Shirin... 

I hope you like my works and enjoy them :)


1993  International Exibitions,Tehran

1994  miniature Exibition,Museum of Contemporary Art ,Tehran

2003 Baran Gallery,Tehran

2003 Karnameh Gallery,Tehran

2006 Baran Gallery, Tehran

2010 Atashzad GAllery , Tehran

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Winner 2011 - Bronze Award
Name: Zita  Vilutyte
From: Lithuania
Specialism: Painting

Every moment todays life is rendering us something new - more, brighter, quicker, louder however rare suggesting the DEEPER. For how fare we enter the sensory overload before almost everything starts meaning less?There is a single direction, leading us into originality and the true self-disclosure - this is the voice of the spirit,the core mystery of the artists own existence.

Very important  it is to search for creation impulses in nature, to perceive them and to see their reflections inside, to look for the sources and depth for each artist - Creator, turning back to the true cause of spiritual experience, turning the whole art back to its sources, when it was used as the means for expression of the life mysteries. Also to experience the greatest mystery in the world -to disclose WHO WE ARE.

I go this way...

My name is Zita Vilutyte. I’m from Lithuania.


Creation – arts synthesis – painting, graphic, performing art, music, poetry.

I create holistic art.

From 1992 organize personal exhibitions and take part in joint creative projects in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, India, Holland, Germany ,Russia, Denmark.


Best wishes! And thank you for the possibility to enter this competition

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