Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands


Winner 2012 - Gold Award
Name: Sam  Shendi
From: United Kingdom
Specialism: Sculptures

Egyptian born sculptor Sam Shendi centres his work on the timeless aspects of the human condition. He uses colourful sharp geometric shapes and defining lines to create an outline, rendered mostly in metal, to abstract his observations . He strips human nature down to its essence, then expresses it in a sculptural language with architectural qualities. The finished works are uniquely bold and playful.

“I’m most interested in the shared human experiences that go beyond our differences,” says Shendi. “I work mainly from memory, transforming fleeting everyday human interactions into a lasting, lyrical, whole. Being Egyptian, I can never quite shake the legacy of my country’s history. Durability and beauty are very important to me.”

Sam Shendi studied Monumental and Architectural Sculpture at Helwen University of Fine Arts in Cairo. His degree focused mainly on producing large pieces of sculpture for public spaces, but he also gained experience in Animation, Interior Design and Lingerie Design. He graduated in 1997 with a first class BA degree with honours and opened his own Interior Design office. In 2000 he moved from Egypt to the UK, where he has found further inspiration from the industrial landscape.

My belief says Sam Shendi, “is that society doesn’t need a complex idea or thought. A simple shape that allows comfortable viewing without weighing on the eye or soul can captivate the viewer and provoke reactions”. His aim is to stimulate the audience into thinking about the message in each piece making us reflect upon our actions.

Winning Image
Winner 2012 - Silver Award
Name: Ingo  Leth
From: Netherlands
Specialism: Painting

Ingo Leth works in different disciplines including acrylic paint and oil on canvas combined with natural materials like Japanese paper, sand and goldleaf. In his work exists a cadence of colour, energy, and a spontaneous exuberance for the medium that is captivating and visually exciting. The organic and instinctive style, fluid and visceral in presentation reveals a heightened understanding of structure and composition to express emotional tenor.
His work is often figurative, realistic, and abstract. He gets his inspiration of the Japanese culture. "We can learn a lot of the Japanese culture, how to use our culture and keep it alive

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Winner 2012 - Bronze Award
Name: Marinela  Rusu
From: Romania
Specialism: Painting

Something about me:

Graduated from the Faculty of Psychology  “Al. I. Cuza “, Iasi, Romania. 
Graduated from the School of Arts ”Titel Popovici” from Iasi, Romania, Department of Painting and two years Specialty Painting.
Member of the Association of Artists & Fine Arts Pieria, Greece (
Σύλλογος Καλλιτεχνών Εικαστικών Τεχνών Νομού Πιερίας
Doctor of Psychology (PHD) in 1999; Since 1990 I work as researcher in the Romanian Academy, Iasi Branch, Institute “Gh Zane”. 
I was associate lecturer,teaching in the Academy of Arts “George Enescu”, Ia
și (between 1999-2008) - courses on psychology of art, psychosociology of art.

 My painting, I like to think, express a philosophy of inner freedom, exceeding of the conventional, a philosophy of enthusiasm, of vibrant living, optimistic, of fulfillment starting from the inner, from intrapersonal to interpersonal and social.

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