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Winner 2013 - Gold Award
Name: Mirta Alonzo
From: Argentinia
Specialism: Painting
I appreciate the opportunity to participate in its prestigious Virtual Gallery. BIOGRAPHY Mirta Alonzo (Buenos Aires March 22, 1954), her artistic arises immediately, at 6 years and was attending an art workshop, and made continuously for 10 years, was a student of Hugo Turco, Osvaldo Ferraro and Hernán Witjens. Over a period of inactivity of 18 years in the painting is dedicated studying Architecture and the exercise of the profession, the University Teaching and Enlightenment Books, takes up the paint with the discovery of Oil Pastel technique that achieves identification and a personal aesthetic . She participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions gaining distinctions. Today also performs demonstrations of the technique with Oil Pastels Eureka. Activity continues in Architecture and Design. STUDIES University 1981. Architect title. Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Buenos Aires. Tertiary 1971. Title of Professor of Drawing and Painting. Rembrandt Art School, Buenos Aires Courses and cultural activities 1975 to 1978. Pottery and Clay Modelling. House of Culture Professor Lidia Esteban 1989 to 1992. Workshop "The House of Art", Professor Osvaldo Ferraro. 1994. Seminar in Art History, ethics and aesthetics. Professor Hernan Witjens , Cultural Advisor to the Dutch Embassy in Argentina (1986) 2000 to 2002. Art History with Prof. Hernan Witjens.
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Winner 2013 - Silver Award
Name: Pugliese Jean Christophe
From: France
Specialism: Sculptures
hello, I'm jean christophe Pugliese I am an artist professional sculptor since 2010 but I sculpt from the age of 15. I work mainly marble and one I made ??reproductions in bronze. my works are carried out without education, without models, without drawings. I work in direct carving following my intuition. being self-taught in sculpture I was discovering different styles. Now my inspiration is nourished by the inner world. which leads me to more abstract pieces. I exhibited in a gallery this year and made ??some exhibitions during the summer.
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Winner 2013 - Bronze Award
Name: soli Madsen
From: Denmark
Specialism: Painting

Biografie:  Soli Madsen

Soli Madsen was born in Paris, but has lived in Denmark for several decades. She is an international artist. She has obtained a very good reputation as a painter through the last 27 years and also as a gallery owner for 19 years, as she has been very busy with several hundred shows all over Denmark, and to a lesser extent, France, and for some years now, also in other countries too. For instance exhibitions at The Broadway Gallery, New York, and La Galleria Pall Mall, (Royal Opera Arcade), London, the Anima Mundi International Art Festival in Lithuania in 2013, another International Art Festival in Kerteminde, Denmark, 2011, and she got the Bronze Award in “Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery” in The Netherlands also in 2013.

In 2014, the most important events will be two International Art Festivals: The first June 29th-29th, in Vilnius, Lithuania (Anima Mundi  again), and in Vienna, Austria,at the Palais Schönborg, August 25th-31st.

Other continents are also interested in her art.

She uses many techniques: acrylics on canvas, watercolour, gouache, pastel, ink, metals and mixed techniques. What is remarkable regarding her art is the use of very intense colours, soft but very powerful lines, and a great dynamic force in movement.

She has received several honours and scholarships, in 1989 and 1991, and an honour title in her own town, as a Tourism Prize for her own gallery, Galleri Soli. She was chosen as The Artist of the Year by Danish Women Leaders in 1999 and has had success in several Art Salons, with several works at a time.

She has sold numerous paintings to Art Circles, Art Funds, institutions, many places of work and business offices, etc. Customers ask her to paint original and personal works for their private homes, but also churches are very interested in both big paintings or small biblical illustrations. Soli Madsen illustrates H.C Andersen’s fairytales or poems, she always feels inspired, whatever the request can be!

She has worked with great eagerness and perseverance, as a painter and gallery owner. Works of art from several countries, together with her own, have been shown for 18 years in her big gallery (130 M2). Soli Madsen has also held conferences about French and Danish art, and has taught art for 20 years.

Ole Vincent Larsen, who was her art teacher in the 80-ies, wrote:

“Soli Madsen's style is quite unique. She is expressionist with a rich display of techniques and nuances. She uses both abstract and more naturalistic, recognizable elements. She creates a fabulous world, also using symbols. There is a great sensibility and something ethereal, that conveys her love for Life and for good energies, something from the Cosmos, too, in all her paintings.Her art shows such great imagination that seems to be without limits. There are myths in her works, which are like a great adventure that never will end, as long as she can hold a brush in her hand!”

Welcome on Gallerie Soli

Owner Soli Madsen

Sandvedvej 46

DK-4262 Sandved

Tlf. 55456518

Mobil. 51215969


Facebook: Galleri Soli

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