Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands




                                             General Conditions Real Exhibition Participation

                                                                              Between –


                                                                             And  Artist  YOU.

Dear artist,
Before you sign this form we advise you make first  your  Visa correctly (Residence in our country is not allowable without a valid visa  and we certainly not support this without ).

Please read carefully the general conditions relating to keeping your exhibition in our gallery , so you are aware of what our rules are, what we will maintain at all times, we accept no subject or signature minor, you must be 18 years of age.

Attention, make always first  your choice from the calendar data file for your exhibition, this can not be changed.! It works automatically. remember always your exhibition number for example 1 or 45 than nothing can go wrong  

                              Every artist beginning, known or unknown, relating in the following box art performance,
Painting, Airbrush, Digital Art, Ceramics, Sculptures, Photography, Graph. Wall carpets, Dolls, Jeweler, Encaustic Art, our company welcome to exhibit His or Her work in our gallery.

Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery, shall appreciate your attendance at your exhibition, but it does not make it as a duty, in your absence five golden stars international art gallery will do everything to try to sell your works for the price you specify, but can this never guarantee to  you ,they will sell your work !. Your personal photograph with your information will be placed  next to your selected works in your absence so the clients knows with whom they have  to do, reason why we ask you a clear picture, like a personal passport  photo.


Internet –publication- Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery com - put three images of your artwork
with little description and biography (if known by us) and this will take about one month before your show starts at this site for publication and remains at this site for over two years after your last available data show, however after two years all your data’s and what be posted on our site will be destroyed, unless you will take part on a new exhibition ,what we like to know before .


Provided that five golden stars international art gallery received on time the  three images and the details, descriptions, prices, and signed the agreement by you as an artist  we received by ordinary post mail, also a copy from you with the same three pictures in the prescribed size 100x 75 pickling by e-mail to: transmitting or uploading, please note that you will have no right to have your work will be placed only with effective dates after we signed the original agreement by ordinary post  mail you have received from us and the,.....................

sorry more will come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soon, We working on it .to build up our real gallery ,where you can exhibt your work .



For questions or you like to book all ready for an exhibition to reserve a place and data for you ,write


crew fivegoldenstarsinternaltionalartgallery