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Is it possible to change my date  chosen for an exhibition? 

1.Answer ,

No, your choice is automatically locked and can not be changed, but if there is a cancellation on that date it is possible.


I am becoming ill on the date of the exhibition ,and can’t come ?

2.Answer ,

We wish you a good recovery and hope you can join us the next time. The exhibition continues, we take care of your work. If we have the papers we provide also for the dispatch of your work. 


Please, tell me what do you mean with take care of my work ? , 


We ensure that your work is exhibited with your name, biography, personal picture and prices you ask for your work, and try to sell your work .  

 4. Question

I don’t have the time to pick up my work at the end of the exhibition date, can you save my work? 


No ,only if you write a personal letter by normal post to our gallery, 14 day’s before your exhibition date and received  from our gallery an agreement ,Cost will be for one week and three artworks €25,-ex vat. Your work is not insured by our company. 


 I’m not a professional artist ,can I still keep an exhibition in your gallery . 

5. Answer

 Every artist from all over this world is welcome in our gallery ,but only if the artist is above 18 years old and pay the total participation  . 


 Can I also exhibit larger sizes work in your gallery ?


Yes you can, but only with our agreements. You must write a letter by normal post, with the size of your work. But you can’t chose the date of the exhibition in the schedule. our firm will choose your exhibition date in consultation with you. But understand that you will pay the space you going to use from other artists.  

 7. Question

 Is it possible to rent the entire gallery? And for how long this possible is ? 


Yes it is possible, but only for 14 days and the dates that are exposes from our company. This can be requested by regular mail. Fees are calculated on the usual occupation. 

 8. Question

 If I have an exhibition in your gallery, do I also join the competition? 


No, these are two separate things, if you want to participate in the competition to win an Five Golden Stars Art Award, you must register and pay for this. The Jury will judge your work in our gallery, on our website competition. They can’t judge your work if you are not registered as a member. 


 I like to have an exhibition in your gallery , can I send my work to your gallery ?  


No, you should never send your work to us, without mutual consultation and agreement from our company. 


 I can not pay the total amount for the exhibition immediately. Can I pay the second payment on the day of the exhibition on your gallery? 

10.Answer ,

This is not possible. You have to pay the whole amount a month before the exhibition.  


 Is there an airport near by ? 

11.Answer .

Yes there is, the closest airport is in Eindhoven You can also go directly to Amsterdam and from there take the train to Eindhoven.  

12. Question

 How long is the entire exhibition period?  


 Fourteen days including, unpacking and  staging of your work.  


 Is it possible during my exhibition to extend my exhibition period?  

13. Answer

 It is possible, but only if there are any cancellations in that period.  


 My works are lost in transport, so I can not participate in the exhibition, do I still pay the costs for my exhibition? 

14. Answer,

 Yes , Because the space in the gallery is rented already. that is the reason why we tell you to insure your work . 


Does your company take care for my accommodation . 


 No , but you can  find many links from hotels below the page.  


I can’t find the answer of my question? 

16. Answer

 If your answer is not on this page you can write an e-mail, We try to answer that as soon as possible , go to contact on our toolbar .