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Bo Sigvardson - Biography






Bo Sigvardson's
Born in Sweden.
Painter - sculptor.Autodidact.
Known for his sculpture "The Big Brush"
registrated in Guinness Book of Records.
Mr. Sigvardson preferably paint abstract images
in bright strong colours.
In a multitude of mediums, Mr. Sigvardson's art
contains endless themes and images,
and Mr. Sigvardson's works is unmistakably
modern, bold and colourful.
Among his public works "The Big Brushes “are exhibited
at museums in San Francisco and Orlando,Florida USA.
He is also represented in Sweden,Denmark,France,USA,Germany
Many of his sculptures are registered in Guinness Book of Record.


Mr Bo Sigvardson run a own gallery with his woman Brigitta Ragnarsdotter( lotta )

They both work very hard from the morning till late in the evening ,to make

the artist, coming from all over this world in his gallery feel they are family and friends

Bo and lotta does have a real social friend artist gallery,with music and a lot fun  of course they ask money but they must live also and pay their cost .  

Once you have had an exhibition in his gallery you never forget it /

we recommend it !!